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  • This is the final 2014 NBA mock draft compilation. All mock drafts are up to date and reflect the recent news including former #1 Joel Embiid’s injury.
  • Last updated: 26 Jun 2014
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  • AVR: Average ranking of a player
  • PAR: Previous average rating, usually of 6-8 days ago.
  • CHG: Change from the previous average ranking.
  • SD: Standard deviation. The higher this number, the more controversial the player is.


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1Andrew WigginsCLESF6-819.31.332.36-1.030.62111312112111
2Jabari ParkerMILSF6-919.21.752.18-0.430.43222121221222
3Dante ExumPHIPG/SG6-618.93.584.81-1.231.38443237433333
4Joel EmbiidORLC7-020.24.751.453.291.47334643364767
5Noah VonlehUTAPF6-918.85.255.54-0.290.92555556585554
6Marcus SmartBOSPG6-320.25.416.18-0.761.32667475747446
7Aaron GordonLALPF6-918.77.166.900.251.8610861084656689
8Julius RandleSACPF6-919.57.336.900.421.177710768878875
9Doug McdermottCHASF6-722.410.4111.00-0.583.069149991991299108
10Elfrid PaytonPHIPG6-420.311.6614.40-2.745.9989881926231412231122
11Nik StauskasDENSG6-620.711.7511.720.022.551113131210131891110914
12Gary HarrisORLSG6-419.714.512.452.044.33141011161122251114131313
13Zach LavineMINPG/SG6-619.215.8315.540.282.57131617142116161717171715
14Rodney HoodPHOSF6-821.616.1616.90-0.743.36161221151318191613152116
15Dario SaricATLSF6-1020.216.2111.554.661.6817151211169111010111210
16Adreian PayneCHIPF6-1023.316.7517.36-0.614.86181816131229131319121420
17TJ WarrenBOSSF6-820.716.8318.20-1.363.38152118221410121818221817
18Jusuf JurkicOKCC6-1119.817.6620.50-2.845.45121115182914142315282719
19Kyle AndersonCHISF6-920.718.520.18-1.685.79251726201711102822181911
20Tyler EnnisTORPG6-219.818.6618.360.323.68211920192012152020202212
21James YoungPHOSG6-618.818.7917.661.133.45242214171524171516141521
22PJ HairstonMEMSG6-521.422.7522.600.143.74233424232215222124192327
23Clint CapelaUTAPF/C6-112022.7523.60-0.853.26202927211823202421272023
24Shabaz NapierCHAPG6-122.925.4126.90-1.496.1192019262625282627164226
25Jordan ClarksonHOUPG/SG6-42226.226.87-0.377.828252324443619262416
26KJ McDanielsMIASF6-621.326.2524.811.454.2333525292328212223213029
27Jerami GrantPHOSF6-820.227.2226.660.554.15272827313225253218
28Mitch McGaryLACC6-102227.4429.22-1.773.26314028282124302925
29Glenn RobinsonOKCSF6-720.429.429.62-0.224.0234243034272933333124
30Jordan AdamsSASSG6-519.930.1130.77-0.668.23222329251738284143


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Next 5 Players

  1. Cleanthony Early, SF, 6-7 (30.6): his stock is dropping lately, lost 3.44 AVR
  2. CJ Wilcox, SG, 6’5″ (31.1): 23.4 years old, ranks wildly between 25-45 but moved up a bit
  3. Spencer Dinwiddie, SG, 6’6″ (32.4): HoopsHype considers him a 1st round pick
  4. Bordan Bogdanovic, SG, 6’6″ (32.9): Borderline late first rounder, might make a surprise
  5. Jarnell Stokes, PF, 6’8″ (33.8): At the bottom of this list but he may well go 25-30

Climbing up

  1. Elfrid Payton ▲2.74 Still on fire
  2. Mitch McGary ▲1.77 Big men in need
  3. Kyle Anderson ▲1.68 Nothing unusual here


  1. Jordan Adams
  2. Elfrid Payton
  3. Kyle Anderson


Here are the top-5 picks of the 2014 Consensus NBA Draft. First place changed hands many times but now Wiggins looks comfortable at the top. 1. Andrew Wiggins 2. Jabari Parker 3. Dante Exum 4. Joel Embiid 5. Noah Vonleh. Watch their highlights below.


Other 2014 NBA Mock Draft Compilations (Updated 26 June 2014)

NBA.comColton's V3.0Walter's

This could be interesting but some of the mock draft used were obsolete, some of them even pick Joel Embiid at #1, so it’s not a reliable compilation obviously. I am not inclined to give the full list here but you may go and check for yourself: 2014 NBA Consensus Mock Draft’s Colton shared an incredible compilation of mock drafts on June 26, 2014, just few hours prior to the long-waited draft night.

Welcome to Colton’s 2014 Mock Draft Compilation, v. 3.0. 22 mock drafts used! This is the final version!

1 Andrew Wiggins
2 Jabari Parker
3 Dante Exum
4 Joel Embiid
5 Noah Vonleh
6 Marcus Smart
7 Julius Randle
7 Aaron Gordon
9 Doug McDermott
10 Nik Stauskas
11 Elfrid Payton
12 Gary Harris
13 Dario Saric
14 James Young
15 Zach LaVine
16 Adreian Payne
17 Rodney Hood
18 Jusuf Nurkic
19 T.J. Warren


++Full list lists top-5 picks of various mock draft. Update daily, sorted by date.
Last day’s mock drafts are dominated by Andrew Wiggins:
A.Wiggins J.Parker D.Exum N.Vonleh A.Gordon
A.Wiggins J.Parker J.Embiid D.Exum N.Vonleh
A.Wiggins J.Parker J.Embiid D.Exum N.Vonleh
A.Wiggins J.Parker J.Embiid D.Exum N.Vonleh
J.Parker A.Wiggins M.Smart D.Exum A.Gordon
J.Parker A.Wiggins J.Embiid A.Gordon N.Vonleh
A.Wiggins J.Parker J.Embiid D.Exum N.Vonleh
A.Wiggins J.Parker D.Exum J.Embiid A.Gordon

++Full list

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